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Chemistry of the Drum

Chemistry of the Drum

In Chemistry of the Drum, Issam Houshan shares his experience of drumming for professional dancers all over the world. These dynamic and brilliant compositions are an unprecedented variety of drum solos designed especially for making your choreographies diverse and spectacular.
  • Details

    1Tribal Awakening 4:19
    2Princess 5:11
    3Habla Tabla 4:01
    4Rhythm of the Bedouin 3:30
    5Party Drum II 8:12
    6Back From Palmyra 5:20
    7Tribal Storm 4:18
    8Moon Dance 5:20
    9Shimmy Shakedown 5:20
    10Marouatte Maqsoum 4:41
    11The Art of Drum Solo II 5:49
    12Grand Finale 1:42
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