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Mystery of the Rhythm

Mystery of the Rhythm

The Mystery of the Rhythm is the creation of master percussionist Issam Houshan. This CD features diverse and eclectic modern Middle Eastern dance compositions, ranging from down tempo to high speed. This is all driven by Issam Houshan's dynamic, energetic percussion, and Steve Last's unique arrangements and compositions.
  • Details

    1Mysteries in Stone [6:09]
    2Bazaars of Old Damascus [3:29]
    3Gypsy Night [3:35]
    4The Shores of Byblos [3:54]
    5High Tech Casbah [4:16]
    6Shadow of the Lemon Tree [4:29]
    7World Town [3:56]
    8Mumbai Revisited [4:29]
    9Sahara Rush [4:01]
    10Children of the Nile [4:33]
    11Eternal Dream [3:52]
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