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The Dreamtour

The Dreamtour

This Dreamtour CD is comprised of compositions carefully chosen by Aziza from selections of original music by Issam Houshan, master percussionist behind the Bellydance Superstars. The CD features diverse eclectic modern Middle Eastern dance compositions, authentic Middle Eastern music, samples of Middle Eastern rhythms, and dynamic energetic drum solos. This CD features Majed Jraida the maestro of the D.B.O (Damascus Bellydance Orchestra), and Steven Last of Galactic Caravan. 
  • Details

    1Makally We Koltelo 4:56
    2Tribal Awakening 4:18
    3Gawali 3:42
    4The Dream Tour 1:38
    5Aqsak 2:28
    6Baladi Accordion 3:48
    7Bazaar of Old Damascus 3:32
    8Karshilagala 7:21
    9Malfouf (The War) 1:38
    10Mumbai Revisited 4:31
    11Multhallath Iraqi 4:14
    12Samaii 5:18
    13The Shadow of the Lemon Tree 4:34
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